She Assumes You Are Gay

She Assumes You Are Gay

6 Reasons ladies Assume you are Gay

Back when you look at the days when men were “men” and Rock Hudson was actually a paragon of heterosexuality, life had been easier for directly guys. These days, with sex roles in a state of flux and standard some ideas about masculinity turned upside-down, things are more confusing, particularly for married women seeking women

Do women keep slotting you in to the “friend” category, despite your absolute best initiatives to draw all of them? Perchance you’re providing them with the wrong impression. We asked a random selection of women and homosexual columnist Richard Burnett to offer you some straight answers. Here are six factors why women might think you are gay.

1.You’re homophobic.

2. A Queer Eye.

Do spent more hours when you look at the mirror than your own girl does? Is your skin-care regimen more complex than the average cosmetologist’s? Maybe you like to dial it back simply a touch. I mean, the purpose of all those things preening is always to make your self more attractive to females, correct?

3. You are über-hetero.

4. You show insufficient interest.

On the only hand, females want you to-be a gentleman and admire their own restrictions, but when you carry out, they make unwarranted assumptions regarding the sexuality. Is it perplexing and most a tiny bit unjust? Certain, but not one person mentioned sexual politics are not complicated. The key is to look for that fine line between playing it cool and producing undesirable improvements.

5. You’re a gossip.

6. You operate “gay.”

perhaps sooner or later, whenever all the stigmas around homosexuality tend to be anything of the past, direct guys are certain to get with each other to look at reruns and give both cucumber facials while enjoying Barbra Streisand files. Or maybe not.

Meanwhile, regardless of what self-confident you’re in your own sex, it never hurts to understand the messages you’re giving.

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